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2014 Creazy commercial Day-Black Friday OBD365

2014 Creazy Shopping Day-Black Friday
From now to November 28, you can skip Creazy Black Friday deals on OBD365.COM. We will provide limited-time Lightning Deals for you to choose from, such as OBD2 Car Diagnostic Toll, Car Key Programmer, Trucks & Heavy Duty Scan Tools and many other OBD Tools with best price.
XTruck USB Link 125032 + Software Diesel Truck Diagnose Interface Best Quality WAS Multi-Di@g Truck Diagnostic Tool Bluetooth Multi-language Heavy Duty  
2014.09 MB SD Connect Compact C4 Star Diagnosis with WiFi High Quality Piwis Tester II PIWIS II 14.000 With CF30 Laptop For Porsche  
Newest V45.06 CK-100 CK100 Auto Key Programmer Add New Car Models Original X-100+ X100 Plus Auto Key Programmer  
V4.94 Digiprog III Digiprog3 Odometer Master Programmer Entire Kit Buy Digimaster 3 Digimaster III Original Odometer Correction Master Get Free CAS4+ Software  
2014 V54 FGTech Galletto 4 BDM-OBD Function 2014 V1.3.0.14 UPA USB Programmer With Full Adaptors  

More news about OBD365 Black Friday click here.

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OBD365 one year anniversary promotion

OBD365 is running a sale promotion on all the OBD2 tools on its official website to celebrate its one year anniversary. The anniversary celebration will run from today, 15th April 2013 to 25th April 2013.


When shopping on OBD365 during this period, customers will receive a 1% to 35% discount on certain products. The promotion covers hundreds of OBD2 scanners, auto diagnostic tools, ECU programmer, car key programmers, car lamps and other auto repair tools, such as MB SD C4 and Launch X431 products. Most of the products are with a cost-effective price, and some devices are being sold at the lowest price ever. For example, people can get the newest V54 FGTech Galletto for $149.99 only, $80 less than the original price.

 The promotion is available not only for professional auto mechanics but amateur ones, as well as garages and dealerships. For more detail, please click the link below:


How you can Resolve an Overheating Vehicle

Overheating is usually a major dilemma for just about any automobile and induce considerable and costly harm when not fixed quickly with car diagnostic tool and obd2 scanner. Engine blocks and cylinder heads are produced of aluminum on virtually each motor vehicle, leading to much less heat tolerance than older automobiles whose components had been manufactured of steel. Overheating can cause the head gasket to blow out or the head to lengthen beyond repair. If that transpires, the automobile will have to have a brand new engine to run. It really is essential to shut off overheating engines at once and uncover the cause from the dilemma.

Pull above into the nearest secure spot once the water temperature gauge displays that your car or truck is overheating. Shut off the engine and open the hood, let as a lot heat escape as is possible. Turn your ignition on so your heating process will work. Flip within the heat along with the blower at full blast to get a handful of minutes to be able to subtract more heat through the engine process. Don't shower the engine with cold water, let it interesting off slowly. Depending on what climate zone you??re in, that procedure could take properly above an hour.

Check the engine with NEXIQ 125032 coolant degree while in the radiator tank. If that level is low, open cap and fill tank with engine coolant. In the event you do not have any engine coolant with you, you could use cold water too. Begin the engine after it cooled off so that you can allow the coolant or water circulate into the radiator procedure. Keep the engine operating in "neutral". Fill additional coolant or water to the tank till the level reaches the mark "hot". Near cap and watch the temperature gauge to get a few minutes whilst the engine idles. If the engine does not overheat yet again, you are able to safely drive on. In case you utilised water to fill the tank, you need to drive to the nearest services station and exchange several of the water inside your radiator with engine coolant.

Watch the temperature gauge immediately after you commenced the cooled-off engine using the freshly added coolant or water. It can be okay should the gauge goes over the protected limit mark to get a number of seconds, then bounces back into protected temperature regions. That suggests your thermostat is operating thoroughly. Nonetheless, should the engine overheats once more for greater than thirty seconds, shut it off. Most likely, you will need a fresh thermostat, or in some really rare cases, a whole new hose. Don't try to drive an overheated vehicle towards the nearest service station to get a thermostat replacement, and that is an low-cost and speedy restore occupation which nearly any mechanic can do. Have the car towed.

In uncommon situations, vehicles can overheat though nothing at all is particularly incorrect with them. By way of example, extended uphill grades in severe climate conditions could cause autos to overheat, particularly if they're towing trailers. Drivers wanting to haul hefty loads and tow trailers below extreme ailments should really have an extra oil and an extra water cooler put in on their vehicles before setting out. People additions will expense some money, nevertheless they are less expensive than acquiring to order a brand new engine or having stranded far from a support station and facing massive towing costs.