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Repair Toyota P0031 & Engine Light on

The Toyota Camry came back again for reparation, which had been repaired for several times because the CEL was on. Strangely enough, the car works well without other abnormalities.
Facing this thorny issue, this time I tended to apply V2014.6 Toyota Intelligent Tester 2 IT2 with Suzuki, the SUZUK company professional diagnostic tool for the Suzuki car. I first connected IT2 into the Powertrain / Engine and ECT / DTC, reading the error code P0031 (HO2S heater control circuit low), while the DTC's frame data found no error. According to the maintenance manual, the causes of P0031 are: A / F sensor heater circuit broken; A / F sensor heater (sensor1) fault; engine J/ B (EFI relay) fault; ECM failure, etc.

Toyota Intelligent tester 2

1) I disconnected C15A / F sensor connector to measure resistance of C15-1 and C15-2 terminal ( A / F sensor heater + B and HT terminals), reaches 2.6Ω, within the normal range (1.8 ~ 3.4Ω); moreover, resistance between C15-1 (HT) and C15-4 (AF-) terminals is infinite, normal. So A / F sensor failure can be excluded.
2) Then I turned on the ignition and measured voltage between the C15-2 (+ B) terminal and the bonding, which is 12.7V, normal. This will initially rule out the A / F sensor circuit fault.
3) According to the system circuit diagram, the resistance between C15-1 (HT) terminal and ECM C24-109 (HAlA) is 0.24Ω, and between C15-1 and the bonding is infinite, indicating that A / F sensor heater with ECM lines is normal. Considering that the fault occurred intermittently, I cleared the code and tested, however, CEL lighted again when the vehicle was driven on a relatively bumpy road.
4) Back to the shop, I found the code was still P0031 re-read by car diagnostic tool IT2. Then I entered Utility (Tools) / CheckMode, which will transfer ECM from normal mode to check mode, afterwards, shaking relevant components. When shaking J / B, CEL light up again. It turned up in several tests, so it can be determined as the J / B-related failures.
 Finally, I removed J / B and pulled 1E, the plug was found in corrosion. Combined circuit diagram, 1E-7 is the very power line of A / F sensor heater. I dealt with the corrosion, the fault was completely cleared after repeated test.


Las mejores herramientas de diagnóstico para 1996-2012 Honda

¿Cuál es la mejor herramienta de diagnóstico para 1996-2012 Honda? Alguien me hace esta pregunta. En mi opinión, V2.027 GNA600 y V3.012.023 Honda HDS ÉL funcionan mejor para diagnosticar 1996-2012 Honda.

Última herramienta de diagnóstico Versión V2.027 GNA600 Honda

car diagnostic tool

(1) Se trata de unos 540 dólares. Caro, pero de gran alcance.

(2) Se puede trabajar para todos los Honda y Acura sistemas de la mayoría de los vehículos 1992 a 2012 años.

(3) El sistema operativo de la computadora debe ser sólo para Windows XP.

(4) La función principal es el diagnóstico y la programación (por ejemplo, programación de la llave), también se puede realizar alguna corrección del odómetro y las funciones de airbag; pero no puede hacer ECU del inmovilizador de forma sincrónica.

V3.012.023 Honda HDS HIM ÉL herramienta de diagnóstico


car diagnostic tool

Se trata de unos 119 dólares. Asequible y útil.

Es compatible con los vehículos de Honda from 1992-2012 años.

Puede leer y decodificar los códigos de error de los bloques de control de memoria.

Puede trabajar para la programación de ecus, pero la programación no clave.

Por lo tanto, trate de uno de ellos para el diagnóstico para 1992-2012 Honda.


Display Auto Info by F01 Car HUD

F01 Car HUD

F01 car HUD head up display

This is my first time using a Car HUD, as well as my first time buying one. I did not know there was a thing called Vehicle Head Up Display before last week… a little bit embarrassing. So, I ordered a cheap F01 Car HUD immediately, and got the package today.

The packaging contained the HUD itself, along with an OBD connecting line, a small reflective film, a non-slip mat, a warranty card and a short instruction book. Shipping took about 5 or 6 days and packaging was all good when it arrived at my door.

The HUD is a sturdy and solid device that looks like a Beeper, only it is bigger in shape. The tool itself is light - weighs about 300 grams, which is around 0.6 lbs. I connected the tool on my Audi A4 via the OBD cable and put it on my board. The adhesive at the bottom is not permanent, but it is strong enough to stick the HUD upon the dashboard.

I went on a short drive, about 2,000 miles, from my house with the HUD on. The tool would show me the battery voltage and speed and give me tips for shifting gear. The display was easily visible from the drivers position and the tips were quite helpful, especially for new drivers and teen drivers.

The good:

Fair price
Very visible and crisp display
Helpful tips and does not distract from driving

The bad:

Not user-friendly enough
No batteries

More OBD2 Diagnostic tool at