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SPX Autoboss V30 vs V30 Scanner Super Autoboss Elite

Les deux v30 SPX Autoboss et super scanner Autoboss V30 Elite sont vendus dans obdii365. Quelle est la différence entre ces deux scanners Autoboss? Consultez la liste de tableau ci-dessous:

Item SPX AutoBoss V30 diagnostic scan tool AutoBoss V30 Elite super scanner
Item No SP31 SP160
Image  SPX AutoBoss V30  AutoBoss V30 Elite super scanner
Quality Original Original
Language English/ Spanish/ French/ Russian/ German/ Traditional Chinese English/ Spanish/ Russian/ French/ Italian/ German
Connection USB and Bluetooth connection USB and WIFI wireless connection
Update One Year Free Update Online One Year Free Update OnlineUpdate Cost is US$279 1 year later
Function 1.Live data graphic display2.Full component activation

3.Read & change ECU coding

4.Setting of adaptation values

5.CANBUS function supported

6.Internet update function

7.HYUNDAI immobilizer

8.Testing report saving function

9.VOLKSWAGON immobilizer III

10.Coding of the new control modules

11.NISSAN idle speed self learning function

12.Multi-language for international market demand

13.Hand-held independent operation, supporting PC link


Live data and graphing, performs actuations and adaptationsElectronic parking brake, Service light reset and much more

Cutting edge operation system: Windows CE

European & Asian vehicles with dealer-level power

Read & change ECU coding

Coding of the new control modules

Internet update function

Testing report saving function

All necessary cables and adapters included

One universal connector for most vehicles, including all CAN vehicles


Built-in Printer NO YES
Vehicle support 12V cars only 12V cars only, more than 57 makes
Price in obd365 US$499.00 US$1099.00
NOTE 1) Both autoboss scanner can be updated to official website:: SP31 SPX autoboss v30 scan tool is currently out of production. Autoboss V30 Elite scanner is a new developed scanner for new car models and will continuously add new cars.

3) New V30 elite scanner support WIFI and with built-in printer, while old v30 does not.

4) You need to order V30 Elite security card to update the scanner.

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