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Autel Maxidas DS708 Review

Are you Autel authorized dealer?
Yes, we are Autel authorized dealer; please check the Autel Certificate on our DS708 description page.
 Autel Maxidas DS708

I tried to register DS708, but not successfully, I got error message “found no service or DNS error”, the WIFI indicator light keep flashing.
There are mainly two ways to register.
The first way: use computer to register on, (NOTE: Please use the System/Help > about function to find out the Product Serial No. and Register Password. )

The second way: register on the scan tool. Before register on the scan tool, use the internet cable to connect Maxidas DS708 and the computer.
The first time you start the scan tool, it will pop up a message box to advise user to register your tool, showing as follow. This message will display 30 seconds each time you power the tool up until properly registered.

Register Autel Maxidas DS708 2.jpg

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