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My Understand of Tuirel S777

Tuirel S777 much more than an OBD2 scanner with multifunction, it approaches and competes with professional auto diagnostic tools. It integrates the needs of DIY users and professionals with selectable vehicle software and high frequency of update.
Tuirel S777 auto diagnostic tool
Tuirel S777 With total 46 car software which you can download from office website:
Tuirel S777 updates online and supports Multi-Languages: English/ Spanish/ Portuguese/ Serbian/ Farsi/ German/ Italian/ Arabic/ French/ Greece/ Korean/Czech/  Russian/ Turkish/ Japanese.

Three weeks ago, I bought Tuirel S777 from OBD365. And I got my package last week, it packed well. I used it to test many cars and now I want to share my experience with you.

It can diagnose Audi, Benz, Nissan and so on. Even the old vehicles before 1996 can be also diagnosed by connecting the OBD1 to OBD2 connector (non-16pin cable to 16pin cable). I tried to test 2014year car models, so I downloaded the car software from the office website: I found that it can program keys for Nissan but it can’t work for diesel vehicles. For the 12V car and 12V pickup truck, it’s OK. I can update on official website, and it’s available with much world-wide languages, so it is another tool for world-wide users.


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