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Display Auto Info by F01 Car HUD

F01 Car HUD

F01 car HUD head up display

This is my first time using a Car HUD, as well as my first time buying one. I did not know there was a thing called Vehicle Head Up Display before last week… a little bit embarrassing. So, I ordered a cheap F01 Car HUD immediately, and got the package today.

The packaging contained the HUD itself, along with an OBD connecting line, a small reflective film, a non-slip mat, a warranty card and a short instruction book. Shipping took about 5 or 6 days and packaging was all good when it arrived at my door.

The HUD is a sturdy and solid device that looks like a Beeper, only it is bigger in shape. The tool itself is light - weighs about 300 grams, which is around 0.6 lbs. I connected the tool on my Audi A4 via the OBD cable and put it on my board. The adhesive at the bottom is not permanent, but it is strong enough to stick the HUD upon the dashboard.

I went on a short drive, about 2,000 miles, from my house with the HUD on. The tool would show me the battery voltage and speed and give me tips for shifting gear. The display was easily visible from the drivers position and the tips were quite helpful, especially for new drivers and teen drivers.

The good:

Fair price
Very visible and crisp display
Helpful tips and does not distract from driving

The bad:

Not user-friendly enough
No batteries

More OBD2 Diagnostic tool at

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