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Reviews on OBD365 MB Star C3

1. I just got my 299.99 dollar MB Star C3, installed the newest software and driver. Reading and erasing error codes straight away and will try to check the programming features next week. Great so far! - John Gridley

MB Star C3 Pro with Seven Cable Fit all Computer

2. Received my MB Star scanner last week, but has been too busy to review it. I have troubleshot nearly a dozen of cars with the tool and it works quite well. But it is not that great with ECU programming. Hope the technicians can improve it. By the way, very reliable supplier. I will keep working with them. - Tim

3. Really nice seller. I got my tool yesterday, but did not know how to activate the software. The customer service was patient to solve the problem. The tool was nice, too. Just tried to pull DTCs with it. It took only 3 minutes to read ABS DTCs. - Kavin

4. Ordered one A MB Star C3 diagnostic tool from OBD365 early this month. The tool arrived at my door today. Already used it to read fault codes and display live data. Have not tried the programming functions by far. - Scottie

INstalling for 2013.9 Benz Star C3/C4 Das External HDD 


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