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How to program key for suzuki with x100+

Programming keys for SUZUKI Models with x100+ needs pin codes? Yes, for x100+ supports Asia, European, America and China vehicles key programming; but some vehicle models do not need pin codes while programming, some should be, and here are SUZUKI models for example. 


How to get pin codes for programming Suzuki models? here provides you several ones, you could have a try one by one for X100+ auto key programmer will not be locked by putting in wrong codes: 


0804 0408 185074 4229

074185 980501 890 625

SX4 --- 980501-0804

Swift --- 185074-0408



Besides, why I have mentioned pin codes for SUZUKI programming, actually it is asked by some users who failed to program. Hence, I would like to share with you all about x-100+. It is also supporting key programming when all keys lost, can read security code, remote control and powerful features. The following will list FAQ for you to have a better idea of x100.


Q: Where to find compatible vehicle models?

A: Official website


Q: How to register on official website?

A: start x100+ and locate about option, and there is PS registration. 


It is an endless way to know better of a tool, for it will vary from one vehicle model to another; of course, usually one tool’s compatible vehicles share the different functions, slightly different operations because of different vehicle structures. Keeping paying attention to our x-100+, better functions, more compatible vehicles in near future after upgrade.


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