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How to Update the Launch X431 Tool?


Last year I bought a Launch X431 V. The tool works well and recently I heard that Peugeot software for the device is available for update. The new software version can work faster and smoother. But I cannot get the update package. Where can I download it?

Launch X431 with Wifi

Do you have an account of Launch X431 V? To get the update software, you will have to download it from the official website. If you do not have an account, you can follow the steps below:

1. Go to the official website of Launch X431:

2. At the bottom right side of the homepage, you will find a "Register" button. Click "Register", and you will go to the sign-up page.

3. Fill the blanks with your information in the sign-up page. You can learn your product serial number and pass code from your X431 tool package.

When filling the "Add" information, please enter the right telephone number, so that Launch can let you know further upgrade information.

4. After completing the blanks, click "I accept".

Note: Please remember the username and password. X431 Software packages on the website can only be downloaded after login in. If you forget the username or the password, you will have to provide your serial number and other information to get your username or password back.


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