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Envoy Headlight Socket Troubles

The Standard Motors Corporation (GMC) Envoy has technical services bulletins (TSB), recalls and complaints concerning the headlight socket issues. The headlight socket triggers the bulbs to blow out, burn up the wiring as well as melt the terminals, in accordance to many car review and report internet sites. The tail lights can also be obtaining comparable troubles since the headlight sockets.

Headlight Socket Defect

The 2003 GMC Envoy has a recall from your producer because of a headlight socket defect. The socket was manufactured at an angle deforming the shape of the socket. This defect triggers the angle with the bulb to level far from the front from the Envoy, reducing the illumination in the headlight. The headlights are dimmer than the applicable safety requirements demanded. The defect may also result in the bulbs to blow out prematurely. The Envoy need to be taken right into a dealership to have new headlight sockets put in about the front of the GMC.

Headlight Socket Terminals Melting

A TSB is published through the manufacturer regarding the headlight socket terminals melting over the GMC Envoy. In accordance to, the daytime working lamps (DRL) utilize the low-beam setting over the Envoy that run at a low voltage. The wires operating to the terminal connections on the back of your headlight sockets are melting and burning as the voltage is operating greater than specifications, resulting in the wires to get hot and burn up. The sole correction for this headlight socket difficulty on the Envoy would be to possess the wiring harness operating to the headlight sockets to get replaced.

Headlight Socket Contacts Burn

The Envoy is reported to possess an issue together with the light controls, which can run higher and lower beams concurrently. Once the headlights are turned on, the dimmer, very low beam and higher beam settings engage, resulting in the headlight socket to overheat and melting the contacts. These contacts also can melt to the bulb, creating the bulb to blow out. The Envoy owner can take out the bulb and visually inspect the headlight socket to determine no matter if the make contact with points search burnt. In the event the sockets search burnt, the manage switch inside the cab of your Envoy really should be inspected to determine no matter whether it can be turning all settings on at the same time. The handle switch has to be replaced if this is actually the reason behind the headlight socket issue.

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